TPLF re-elects Meles as chairperson

Meles Zenawi
TPLF has re-elected Meles Zenawi as chairperson of the Front

Mekele, Ethiopia  – The 10th regular session of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has re-elected Meles Zenawi as chairperson of the Front.

It has also elected Abay Woldu as deputy chairperson of the Front for the coming two years.

The 10th TPLF organizational session has concluded its four day deliberation by issuing a communiqué and nominating 256 representatives of the Front for the coming 8th EPRDF congress to be held in Adama town, capital of Oromia State.

The session has also elected 45 members of central committee members out of which nine of them are executive members. It has also elected seven Audit commission members.

In their communiqué, members of TPLF expressed their commitment to speedup up the ongoing development in rural and urban areas with active participation of the public.

They said they vowed to fight rent seekers and dependency mentality and mobilize the people of Tigray and partners for the national and regional development.

They said TPLF would join hands with other partner organizations and with the people of Ethiopia for the realization of the five years Growth and Transformation Plan.

Formers TPLF central committee members have received certificates for the contribution in their tenure from TPLF chairperson Meles Zenawi.