PM Meles Zenawi presented a five year performance report

Meles Zenawi defended his government's policies
Meles Zenawi defended his government's policies and pledged economic growth and fair elections in his final report to parliament ahead of next month's polls.

Ethiopian News | By Daniel Girma

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi presented a five year nation’s performance report (video) to the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) today, April 13, 2010.

The performance report was for the years 1998 to 2002 Ethiopian Calendar (EC)
The report was on the political, economic and social issues, challenges and developments in Ethiopia.

The Prime Minister said the Ethiopian economy is expected to grow by 10.1 per cent this year. He also added that the country’s economy has shown a 10 per cent average growth for seven years straight and inflation has further dropped to 3.9 per cent on average this year.

Meles also reported the amount of export revenue Ethiopia got over the last eight months has increased by 21 per cent.

On the challenges faced in repairing Gilgel Gibe II hydroelectric plant, he said his government has been working hard to get the damage repaired and the plant to start producing power by the end of July, 2010.

He also reported the construction of the Tana Beles Power Project will be completed at the beginning of this coming May, 2010 and that will help alleviate the power shortage problem in the country.

In the education and the health sectors, Meles said Ethiopia has registered fruitful results in its endeavors to ensure quality services.

On the other side, the oppositions in the House of Peoples’ Representatives have posed various questions following the Premier’s report. They said as the elections day coming nearer, intimidation and other forms of abuse are committed against their members and candidates by members and officials of the ruling party (EPRDF) in rural districts and localities.

Responding to the complaints, Meles said the government would employ utmost effort to investigate and punish those responsible if found guilty.

The opposition officials all voiced doubt over his figures in his report, but Meles defended his claims.