Monthly revenues from injera export shoots up to USD 400,000

Injera, Ethiopian bread

Hayal Alemayehu, Reporter

Monthly revenues from the export of injera, Ethiopia’s staple bread, has ballooned from USD 350,000 to 400,000. They were USD 10,000 five years ago, according to information received from the Ministry of Industry. With the injera export making it across the globe, the ministry is expecting a USD five million revenue during the running year from USD hundreds of thousands some five and six years ago.

The major export destination for the Ethiopian staple bread is the U.S., while Europe and the Middle East have long become other main export frontiers.

Mama Fresh injera Plc is the major exporter where its products are hitting the U.S., Europe and the Middle East markets both in the name of the company and other exporters who buy the injera from the company and export it in their respective company names.

Mama Fresh injera Plc has made to a multi-million birr export venture from a micro-enterprise some ten years ago, which made the representative of the company one of the main honorees of the recent award presented by Prime Minister Meles to leading micro and small enterprises (MSEs.)

The same company is now pioneering in exporting different Ethiopian sauces in solid and packed forms to the U.S., where the products are expected to enter other destinations as well in the coming months.

The company has been for three months now exporting kotcho (plantain), a well-known source of food for East Africa, where it is currently exporting 100 to 150kg of the product. As the New Year is approaching, it exported over 800kg of bread made from plantain over the last three days, according to the representatives of the company.