Mobile subscribers in Ethiopia tops 17 mln

Addis Ababa, September 21 – In announcing its operational and financial results for its fiscal year ended 30 June 2012, Ethiotelecom indicated that the number of mobile subscribers in Ethiopia went up to 17 million.
In a media briefing the monopoly operator’s CEO Bruno Duthoit confirmed that the carrier’s total mobile subscriber base reached 17.26 million users at the end of June, with monthly net additions running at an average of 450,000 per month over the past year.
Taken overall, Ethiotelecom reported 18.28 million subscribers, up 59% year-on-year, including 805,000 fixed lines in service and 221,000 internet/data connections.
Further, Duthoit said that his company has 2.44 million people regularly using its GPRS (mobile) service. Strong fixed and mobile growth has been achieved in part as a result of the telco’s targets within Ethiopia’s five-year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).

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