Max Lucado in ‘life-changing’ trip to Ethiopia

Max Lucado
Max Lucado
Max Lucado

Christian Today Best-selling author, Max Lucado, recently experienced first-hand the immense need for aid in Ethiopia when he visited the country in May with international humanitarian agency World Vision.

As a long time sponsor of World Vision children, Lucado was deeply moved by the joy of the Ethiopian people in the face of such hardship and by the difference World Vision is making in that country.

“Ethiopia may measure a bit smaller since I’m bringing a lot of it home in my heart,” said Lucado via Twitter upon his return.

“I never expected such poverty coupled with such joy. There are more honest smiles among the poor of Ethiopia than the shopping malls of America. What a remarkable, life-changing trip.”

World Vision provides aid to children and families in nearly 100 countries and has been working in Ethiopia since 1971. The agency also supports 65 Ethiopian development programmes to assist with medical needs, clean water, nourishment, education and rehabilitation.

Highlights of Lucado’s trip to Ethiopia included visiting with a HIV and Aids programme in Boset, tours of irrigation and farming innovations in Adama, and school visits with local children.

Lucado also preached to a standing-room-only crowd of Ethiopians at the Full Gospel Church near Adama. He and his wife, Denalyn, were also able to meet their sponsored child Mimi and her family during the trip.

He believes his writing and speaking ministry has been permanently impacted by this trip.

“God is up to something big in Ethiopia, in America, and around the world,” says Lucado. “I believe we can all make a difference if we jump into the middle of what He is doing.”

Richard Stearns, president of World Vision US, said: “It was a great privilege to accompany Max and his family on his first-ever trip to Africa. As expected, Max was a quick study and immediately embraced and understood World Vision’s strategies for empowering the poor and tackling the causes of poverty.

“We appreciate that he has graciously agreed to use his influence in helping 25,000 more children through World Vision’s sponsorship programmes.”

Max Lucado has more written than 60 adult and children’s titles and sold more than 65 million copies worldwide in a publishing career that has spanned nearly 25 years.

His latest book Fearless is out in September from Thomas Nelson and will be available in the UK through STL Distribution.