Hotel Rating System to Take Effect in Ethiopia

May 20, 2012

A new system to rate hotels in Ethiopia is expected to be on line by the end of the current year announced the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The ministry revised its rating system to match international standards on the basis of feedback from the United Nations World Tourism Organization.
The UNWTO experts concluded that the previous system needed to clarify the criteria better and to allow more time for hotels to prepare to meet standards said Sisay Teklu, coordinator of Tourism Services Competence Accreditation Directorate with the Ministry of Culture.
Sufficient time and training has gone into the new system and experts have had a chance to visit European countries to study the system in place there according to Sisay. The new hotel rating system will encourage hotels to meet international standards as well as allowing brand name chains to enter the sector in Ethiopia he noted.
The system is in the final stages and it is expected that all hotels in the country will have rates as per the new system Sisay said.
There are more than 300 hotels in Ethiopia who are expected to meet star rating standards with 100 of these to be found in Addis Ababa said Sisay.
Source: Capital