Haredim hurl racial slurs at Ethiopian officers

Haredim police, Israel
Haredim, police clash in Jaffa Photo: AFP

Ultra-Orthodox protesting excavation works in Jaffa yell at police commander ‘you look like Eichmann’

Yoav Zitun, Eli Senyor-  Israel News

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox who rioted in Jaffa Wednesday hurled racial epithets at police officers of Ethiopian descent and called others “Nazis.”

Five officers were injured from cinder blocks thrown at them by the haredim, who also lit garbage bins on fire and blocked main traffic arteries.

Hundreds of haredim have been gathering to protest against excavation works in the town’s Andromeda Hill on a daily basis in recent weeks. Wednesday morning was no different, and hundreds arrived at the construction site and called out against the workers there.

The demonstrators shouted toward Commander Yoram Ohayon, who headed the police force, “Nazi, you look like (Adolf) Eichmann. You will pay for this.”

Fifteen protestors were detained during the riot.