“More gov’t institutions under investigation” Ali Suleiman

May 15, 2013

Director General of the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, Ali Suleiman
Director General of the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, Ali Suleiman

Director General of the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, Ali Suleiman, said on Tuesday in Parliament that the Commission is still undertaking more investigation in other unstated government institutions in connection with alleged corrupt activities.

On Friday, it was reportedly disclosed that Melaku Fenta, Director General of Ethiopian Revenues and Customer Authority (ERCA) and his deputy Gebrewahid Woldegiorgis along with other 11 customs officials and prominent businessmen were detained by police after a long term investigation that has been carried out jointly by the Federal Anti-Corruption Commission and the

National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

The commissioner told MPs that the investigation against Melaku Fenta of ERCA and other customs official as well as business persons had began two years ago with a direct order from former Prime Minister, the late Meles Zenawi.

Ali also explained that the investigation had been finalized earlier but it was unable to take actions in time due the health situation of Meles as well as unstable condition of the politics.

In today’s Parliament Session Ali has presented a ten month work performance.
“We have given prior attention in investigating the revenues and customs officials. We have been thoroughly investigating them for almost two years. However, we still keep investigating and collect evidences on other government institutions as well.

When asked why the commission has been too late to take such action, the commissioner said, “We are not conducting a campaign for such assignment. The nature of investigating corruption issues does not need campaign; rather it is a process that needs careful attention. Without having substantial evidences we can’t violate individual rights which are totally contradictory to our mandate.”

In his report he revealed that in the past 10 months of the fiscal year his commission was able to save over hundreds of millions of birr of state money from corruption and illegal purchases for the government’s mega projects which are undertaken under the GTP.

In his report, Ali indicated that unfair and irregular purchases of goods that worth hundreds of millions of birr were attempted by all 32 government universities.

Source: thereporterethiopia.com