Ethiopian Police stabbed dead by Forum: Oromia Police

The police was killed in Gelan Woreda, West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, May 9, 2010 – The Oromia Police Commission said members of Forum for Federal Democratic Unity of Ethiopia (Forum) brutally killed its police member on Saturday.
The Commission Command Post called on the Forum to refrain from such plotted illegal acts.

In its press statement sent to ENA on Sunday the Command Post said Constable Hassen Regassa was stabbed dead by Forum members.

The Command Post said Birhanu Shentemu ,Tariku Getachew and Friomissa Bogalle who are members of Forum killed the police member on April 8th 2010 in Gelan Woreda, West Shoa Zone of the state.

It said the suspects were put under custody and murder investigation has been launched.

The command post warned Forum members to refrain form such illegal movements.

According to the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency, the attempt to verify the incident from leaders of Forum has been failed.