Ethiopian Opposition Party Raises Doubts on “Renaissance Dam”

Ethiopian Opposition Leaders of Forum (Medrek)
Ethiopian Opposition Leaders of Forum (Medrek)

The Ethiopian Federal Democratic Forum (Medrek) questioned the Ethiopian government on Monday whether it had been prepared to counter any foreign aggression that could be launched against the country regarding the construction of “Renaissance Dam” In their official statement, Medrek noted that hydro-politics in the 21st century is often well articulated as a source of initiating and mounting conflicts. Medrek, the main opposition party during the 2010 national and regional elections, posed questions on the construction of the dam by wondering if the Ethiopian government had conducted certain diplomatic activities and carried out concrete discussion with Nile Basin members as well.

Medrek raised points that are related to the public bond and asked if the government had laid out a strategy which could direct the money towards the targeted project. Otherwise, the public money could be frittered away in the hands of some corrupt officials. For Medrek, reaching a national consensus was also at the heart of the point they were trying to make regarding the construction of the dam.

Recently, the government had announced its plan to start the construction of the dam with a generating capacity of 5,250MW to be built at the cost of 78 billion birr. It has also offered public bonds to citizens living both here and abroad. According to the government, the construction of the dam would not cause any significant harm to the down-stream riparian countries.