Ethiopian leather gloves to keep iPhone users’ hands warm

Dec 4, 2012

Ethiopian lambskin gloves
Ethiopian lambskin gloves

London, Dec. 4 (ANI): A new pair of leather gloves are being introduced for iPhone users so that they don’t have to face the pain of using the touchscreen in winters, forcing them to constantly take off their gloves to use it.

The Leather Touchscreen Gloves , by Dutch firm Mujjo, keeps iPhone users’ hands warm, while at the same time allowing them to tap away on the screen.

The Ethiopian lambskin gloves use nanotechnology integrated into the leather to make them touchscreen compatible, and have been treated for wind and water resistance, the Daily Mail reports.

“Regular leather gloves don’t work with touchscreens; these gloves do! These leather gloves work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen, enabled by revolutionary nanotechnology. The nanotechnology functions independent from the human skin, this enables us to fully insulate the gloves with a layer of soft 100% wool lining,” a description on the company’s website read.

“The leather fully retains its characteristics, affording the wearer maximum comfort and dexterity just like any other glove. Mujjo’s leather touchscreen gloves do not only provide functionality, but also warmth, durability and a comfortable fit,” it added.

According to the paper, the gloves come in a variety of sizes and are available online for 105 pounds.

Mujjo is also selling a range of wool gloves for smartphone users for around 20 pounds, the paper said. (ANI)