Ethiopian Government said Human Rights Watch have launched anti-Ethiopian campaign

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Ethiopian government has accused Human Rights Watch (HRW) of waging an open political campaign against the nation.
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch

Ethiopian Government said the leaders of Human Rights Watch have launched new anti-Ethiopia campaign.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ENA) – The Ethiopian government said Ethiopia cannot be deterred from pursuing democratic and development path by series of pressures from neo liberal extremist forces, the Office for Government Communication Affairs (OGCA) announced here on Monday.

In a press statement it sent to ENA, OGCA said that any attempt intended to rock the nation whenever there is an election and any attempt being made to manipulate the country by mercenaries of neo liberal extremist forces would be futile.

The statement said the government has tried to create an opportunity to the people of the Human Rights Watch to discuss ways of working together for constructive objectives while they were in Addis a few months ago.

Instead of using the opportunity for constructive purpose, the leaders of Human Rights Watch have launched new anti-Ethiopia campaign, the statement said.

The government had carried out an investigation concerning the allegation reported by Human Rights Watch saying a massacre of people took place in Ogaden two years ago.

The investigation had found that the people who were alleged to have been massacred were alive while the villages which were alleged to have been burnt were not actually burnt. The investigation had also found that those chat plantations which were alleged to have been destroyed were also found untouched.

The statement further said the government had made official the results of its investigation in case Human Rights Watch and the likes would refrain from their anti-Ethiopia campaign.

However, the statement said, Human Rights Watch had issued a report under a topic “One Hundred Ways of Putting Pressure: Violations of Freedom of Expression and Association in Ethiopia”, which it says shows how the organization is bent on interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

It further said the fact that the attempt being made by the Human Rights Watch and the likes, whose opportunity of manipulating Ethiopia had been closed following the promulgation of the new Civil Societies and Charities Law, to order federal and regional governments shows that they never refrain from tarnishing the image of Ethiopia.

If the leaders of Human Rights Watch and the likes are truly concerned to issues of human rights, they should have seen the positive sides such as the election code of conduct governing political parties that was adopted following democratic negotiations, and establishment of joint political parties’ council, the statement said.

It also said they should have also appreciated the measure taken to drop the charges of 181 persons in relation with the 2005 post election period violence.

These parties have also forgotten that the Ethiopian government had pardoned opposition political leaders who were convicted of instigating violence during the 2005 elections and the media access in which opposition political parties had been enjoying at the period, which was made possible by the government.

They also had forgotten that the government had also allocated money from state treasury to be used by political parties for election campaign.

Most of African NGOs operating with the financial assistance from the neo liberal extremist forces have been instruments of manipulating African politics, the statement said, adding that neo liberal extremist forces would stifle African government forces if their political agendas are refused by the latter.

Thus, the Ethiopian government, which believes Ethiopia, can only be governed by popularly elected government, had promulgated the Civil Societies and Charities Law, with an intention of prohibiting neo liberal extremist forces from interfering in the internal affairs of the country.