Ethiopian eatery offers ‘something unique, different’

Lamar Beasley of Brandon
Lamar Beasley of Brandon dishes up some food from the buffet in the Abeba Ethiopian Restaurant in Jackson.

Jackson’s first Ethiopian restaurant opened its doors three weeks ago, adding another ethnic cuisine to the capital city buffet and introducing novices to a new way to enjoy it.

Torn pieces of bread (the spongy flatbread injera) in hand, you pick up the morsels of food, soaking up the spicy sauces as you go. Think of chasing down gravy and stew bits with the nearest roll and it doesn’t seem so foreign. (Still, silverware is available upon request.)

Abeba Ethiopian Restaurant, located at 3716 I-55 North, is a partnership between Aladdin Mediterranean Grill owner Yoseph Ali and chef Molley Woldenseh.

Woldenseh’s background includes an Ethiopian restaurant in Dallas, but “first I started with my mother back home, when she cooked this and that,” he said, his smile reaching back across the years and the ocean.

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