Ethiopian Airlines Journeys partners with Archaeological Institute of America to promote ancient history tours of Ethiopia

( WASHINGTON, DC — Ethiopian Airlines Journeys has partnered with the Archaeological Institute of America to introduce the archaeology community to the best that east Africa has to offer.

On Tuesday, April 28, the AIA will be celebrating its 130th anniversary with a Gala that honors Harrison Ford and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. James Delgado, a renowned archaeologist, author, and television host, who has led many of the most important shipwreck expeditions of the last four decades, will host this extraordinary evening as the master of ceremonies. The AIA Gala will offer guests an unforgettable experience, providing a glimpse into ancient cultures and civilizations from all over the world. The AIA Gala will take place at Manhattan’s Capitale building with over 450 guests expected to attend.

Ethiopian Airlines Journeys, along with the Tanzania Tourist Board, will be providing a once-in-a-lifetime trip to east Africa that will be auctioned off live during the gala. The Ethiopian package will feature stops in Axum, the reputed resting place of the “Ark of the Covenant,” along with Lalibela, where travelers marvel at the 12 rock-hewn churches carved from solid red volcanic rock in the 12th century by King Lalibela. In Tanzania, travelers will be able to visit the Olduvai Gorge, the “Cradle of Mankind,” and Laetoli Footprints, where the Leakeys discovered the first humanoid skull 50 years ago.

The Archaeological Institute of America will be featuring this package in their bi-monthly publication, Archaeology Magazine, as well as on Ethiopian Airlines Journeys packages will be featured in the gala’s program and representatives of Ethiopian Airlines Journeys will be at the event to provide information and answer any questions about the packages.

“We are most pleased to begin this partnership with the Archaeology Institute of America, and we look forward to showcasing our archaeological culture and history to American archaeologists,” said Gobena Mikael, director of North and South America, Ethiopian Airlines. “Ethiopia and east Africa have always been a must-visit location for archaeology enthusiasts, and now we are providing them with a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Meegan Daly, director of advertising with Archaeology Magazine commented, “The Archaeological Institute of America and ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine are thrilled to include this incredible trip to Ethiopia and Tanzania, which will take two travelers to some of the world’s earliest and most extraordinary archaeological sites. We wish to acknowledge our generous sponsors for organizing such an exciting offering for our Gala’s live auction which will be held on April 28 in New York at Capitale.”Mr. Jordan Weitzman, Partner Concepts LLC Telephone: 410-224-7688 Fax: 410-224-1499 Email: