Ethiopia says campaign against controversial Dam project “baseless”

The Gibe III Dam,  visualized
The Gibe III Dam, visualized above is on its way to become a reality

The Ethiopian government said today that the propagandas waged against the nation’s controversial hydroelectric project is fabricated and far from the reality.

The National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Abay Tsehaye, after paying a visit at the massive Gibe III Hydro power project, said the ongoing campaigns are an “empty attempt of some interest groups who do not want to see Ethiopia march towards development”.

“It is Unfounded and unreasonable campaigns” he said adding “ it is just aimed to meet self interest under pretext of the agenda putting political and diplomatic pressure on the country there by seek money from donors.”

While Briefing to media outlets, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Last week stressed that no outside pressure would stop the Ethiopian government from completing the construction of the dam.

“Ethiopia will accomplish the construction at any cost whether donors continue funds or not,” prime minster Meles Zenawi stressed.

Organizations like Survival International, friends of Lake Turkana and other are trying lobby the international community not to provide loan to the dam construction alleging that the construction of the dam threatens the survival of tribes along the Omo River and causes massive ecological disaster.

Upon completion, the 1.7 billion USD, Gibe III power project will have capacity to generate up to 1,870 megawatt electric power enabling the country to potentially export power to various neighboring countries.

According to the new five-year Development and Transition Plan (DTP), the horn of Africa’s country plans to boost the current 2,000 MW hydropower generation capacity to 8,000 MW.

Tesfa-Alem Tekle, ST