Ethiopia Opposition: 80 Killed in Protests Against Land Plan

Beyene Petros
President of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum Beyene Petros during press conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopian News, Dec. 23, 2015

Ethiopian government forces have killed more than 80 people in the past four weeks in protests in the country’s Oromia region, an Ethiopian opposition party charged Wednesday.

The killings should be investigated, said the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum, a coalition of four opposition parties, at a press conference.

“Trigger-happy government forces have killed more than 80 peaceful protesters in Ethiopia during the past four weeks,” Beyene Petros, president of the party told reporters, adding that hundreds of others were wounded and arrested. “We are still discovering disfigured bodies in various locations. The government has continued its brutal killings so we call on the international community and donors to step in and force the government to stop these inhumane actions.”

Party officials provided names of the alleged victims to The Associated Press.

The government has rejected, for the second time, the opposition party’s request to hold a public demonstration on Dec. 27 to protest the controversial Addis Ababa Master Plan, the opposition leader said.

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