Ethiopia: Holy Synod appoints Abune Nathaniel as Managing Archbishop

Arssi Diocese Archibishop, Abune Nathaniel

Aug 20,2012 | ENA

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church Holy Synod has appointed Arssi Diocese Archbishop, Abune Nathaniel as managing archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC).

The Holy Synod General Secretary and Keffa Sheka Benchi and Maji Dioceses Archbishop, His Holiness Abune Hiskele told journalists that the Synod in its meeting on Monday elected Abune Nathaniel to serve as managing patriarch until major election and anointment takes place.

He said the election of the managing archbishop helps realize multi-faceted spiritual and social activities of EOC.

Abune Hiskele said the Holy Synod has elected Abune Nathaniel for his long spiritual service based on the EOC canon.

With a view to consolidate the Holy Synod, some seven additional members for the outstanding Synod have been elected. The elected religious leaders are Abune Timotiyos, Abune Gabriel, Abune Estifanos, Abune Lukas, Abune Samuel, Abune Matewos and Abune Abrham

Source: ENA