Ethiopia and Untied. W. Somali Liberation Front sign peace accord

Peace accord of Ethiopia and United Western Somali Liberation Front
Ethiopian government and the United Western Somali Liberation Front signed a peace accord on Thursday, July 29, 2010

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: ERTA

The government of Ethiopia and the United Western Somali Liberation Front  signed a peace accord on Thursday.

Various efforts have been exerted over the years from both the United Western Somali Liberation Front and the government of Ethiopia for the realization of the peace accord. The efforts exerted particularly last year were successful.

In April this year, an understanding was reached between the two parties. Following the consensus, some security problems which used to occur in some place of the region have been resolved. Leaders of the front say the agreement is bearing fruit; this can be seen in the high number of Somalis who are returning to be part of the development efforts in the state. Leaders and supporters of the front who were behind bars have also been freed, following which their supporters are now committed to the prevalence of peace in the state.

The front and the government of Ethiopia on Thursday signed a peace accord that will revamp the state’s peace and development. After signing the accord, chairman of the Front, Sheik Abdurahim Mohammed Hussein said the security problem in the Somali region has affected the public who should be beneficiaries of development. The front believes that war cannot be a solution, he said, adding, both parties should be committed for the successful implementation of the accord.

Federal Affairs Minister, Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam for his part said the government of Ethiopia is exerting maximum endeavor to put the agreement into practice. As a manifestation of the endeavor, he cited the fact that the government has freed senior officials of the front. He expressed the government’s commitment to work closely with the front. National security advisor with the rank of minister, Abay Tsehaye said since 20 years ago, Ethiopia’s legal and political framework has been transformed. He commended the front for its decision to stop paying unnecessary sacrifice and collaborate with the government and the local community.

Chief administrator of the Somali regional state, Abdi Mohammed Oumer said the front has been making efforts to conclude peace agreement with the Ogaden National Liberation Front.