Ethiopia: 5.2 Million Confirmed Needy People Getting Relief Food

Ethiopia: Food Security Update (June 2009)
Ethiopia: Food Security Update (June 2009)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced that relief aid is being supplied to 5.2 million people in the country who are confirmed in need of relief aid.
In a press statement it sent to ENA on Thursday, the Ministry said more than 87 per cent of the over 96,900 tons of relief food had been distributed among the needy in February this year. The remaining is under the process of transportation.

More than 62,600 tons of relief food is allocated in March by the government and NGOs and activities are well underway to distribute the food among the needy people, the statement said.

Close to 700,000 tons of relief food is required for distribution among the needy between January and June in 2010, it said.

The statement further said donor countries and organizations have been responding to the relief aid appeal made by the country in January this year.

Accordingly, donors have pledged over 127 million US dollars and two million Euros until March 2010, according to the statement.

Transporting the relief aid from abroad to the country has also been strengthened, it said, adding that over 177,600 tons of relief aid is arriving through the ports of Djibouti and Barbara.

The Ministry called up on those who are engaged in screening of needy people and the distribution of relief food to exert the usual effort to get the relief aid used for the intended purpose.