Ethio Teleocm Relaunches 3G Service

May 26, 2012

The third generation technology enables customers to quickly download music, stream video and send or receive e-mails and short messages.Ethiotelecom has re-launched its 3G network to enable clients to be the beneficiaries of a ‘modern and efficient’ third generation service, according to a statement Ethio Telecom sent to The Reporter. The third generation technology would enable clients to have a network quality that would be used to make voice calls, send and receive short messages (SMS), and more importantly, get a fast internet connection.
The third generation technology enables customers to quickly download music, stream video and send or receive e-mails and short messages.
In accordance with the company’s vision regarding world class telecom services from time to time, Ethio Telecom has now availed this technology with advanced network and adjustment to service fees, the statement read.
From now on, all customers with pre-paid and post-paid cards, who would like to get this 3G service, could get it for a payment of 250 birr subscription fee.
In addition to this, clients who will subscribe to this 3G service will be given a onetime 200 megabytes of free internet access as a reward. Moreover, 3G clients will pay service charge similar to that of 2G service for voice call and SMS services.
Currently, Ethio Telecom has deployed a 3G technology that is capable of supporting 300 thousand subscribers. 2G clients who would like to shift to 3G could get the service without losing their original service number after paying a 250 birr subscription fee.
Clients are also required to change their 2G SIM cards to a new 3G SIM card without changing their service numbers because 3G SIM cards have better capacity which will allow them to get a much quicker internet connection.
At the moment Ethio Telecom is rendering the 3G service to clients in Addis Ababa. However, there is a plan to extend this service to other regions of the country in the near future. Since 3G service is only supported within Addis Ababa, 3G customers who will travel to the regions will get an automatic 2G service in areas where they will travel to without any service interruption at all.
Clients are required to have mobile apparatuses that support 3G service in order to get the service. Currently, Ethio Telecom is providing various mobile apparatuses that are capable of supporting 3G technology.
Customers with pre-paid mobile cards who would like to upgrade to 3G service are required to fully utilize their current balance before switching to the new 3G service or transfer their balance to another phone. (Compiled by Hayal Alemayehu