Egyptian delegation to visit Ethiopia over Nile water

Ethiopia and Nile Basin
The Nile Basin
Ethiopia and The Nile basin
The Nile basin

Mustafa El Gendi, assistant chief of the al-Wafd Party, received a phone call last week from Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni who told him that he had contacted the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi and agreed on a date to meet with the Egyptian public diplomacy delegation to visit Ethiopia on the issue of Nile water.

Museveni said that Zenawi welcomed the visit of the delegation. Zenawi also agreed to inform the Ambassador of Ethiopia in Cairo so that El Gendi would travel alone to Ethiopia, in coordination with the Ambassador, to prepare for the visit then would be followed by the delegation.

It is worth mentioning that El Gendi was the coordinator of the Public Diplomacy delegation’s visit who visited Uganda a few days ago and met with Museveni on the issue of the Nile water and asked the Ugandan President Museveni to contact the Ethiopian Prime Minister within days to arrange a meeting between the Egyptian Public Diplomacy delegation and the Ethiopian Prime Minister in Ethiopia.