Duthoit to replace Latute as CEO of Ethio Telecom

By Tamiru Tsige – SEPTEMBER 15 2012

Bruno Duthoi

After serving Ethio Telecom as CEO for 21 months Jean Michel Latute has resigned from his post and is to be replaced by Bruno Duthoit. The incoming head was the former CEO of Orange Armenia where he served for the past four years.

The announcement of Latute’s resignation came yesterday at Addis Ababa Hilton where he presented the performance report of Ethio Telecom during the last budget year. He also said that he is leaving his post due to personal reasons and the new CEO will take the office soon.

Nevertheless, he indicated that the detailed evaluation of the performance of Ethio Telecom under his administration would be made by high ranking government officials. He also said that the question of whether the contract of Orange would continue or not will also be decided after the performance evaluation. Then, Latute continued to present a performance report that depicted a rosy performance year both for the company and its customers.

According to the report, Ethio Telecom grossed some 12.35 billion birr some 5 billion birr less than its target. About 66 percent of this revenue was collected from mobile service, while some 22.35 percent of the revenue was generated from international calls and the remainder was collected from landline and other services. Furthermore, in the budget year the mobile subscription has reached some 17.26 million customers while the plan was to have 21.9 million subscribers.

With regards to frequent network failure, Abduriahim Ahmed, Communications Directorate Director, said that in some parts of the city the problem is attributed to electric power interruption. In areas such as Kolfe, Mekanisa, Kara Kore, Lebu, Hana Mariam and Kera the main problem appears to be the old Nokia network which is scheduled to be replaced in the near future, he explained.

“The other factor is severe damages that is been inflicted on the fiber optic cables that the company installed,” he said. And now Ethio Telecom is teaming up with the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) to protect the cables from further damage.