Chinese gov’t, medical staff win acclaim in Ethiopia

August 22, 2013

Ethiopia_People's_Republic_of_ChinaThe Chinese government and Chinese medical personnel caring for Ethiopian patients have been highly commended by the Ethiopian government and local health professionals.

Speaking to Xinhua in a recent interview, Ethiopian State Minister of Health Kebede Worku spoke highly of members of a Chinese medical team currently serving in the African country for their “good services, services of excellent standard.”

China has been sending medical missions to Ethiopia for decades. The 17th batch of the Chinese medical team is now deployed at Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital, also known as Ethio-China Friendship Hospital, located in Akaki, about 25 km south of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. The hospital was built and equipped with the support of the Chinese government.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Health has commended the Chinese government and its people for the support to Ethiopia in the health sector, in particular the health services provided through Chinese medical missions.

The state minister thanked members of the Chinese medical team for providing comprehensive services for the Ethiopian people in a country that is far away from their families.

He also commended the Chinese government for its support to Ethiopia by sending medical missions to Ethiopia, building hospitals, and providing medical equipment.

Worku noted that China has been supporting Ethiopia’s activities in the control and prevention of malaria.

Alemu Dima Jiru, a leading doctor of Curative Health Service Core Process at Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital, told Xinhua that the Chinese medical staff have very good technical capacity, and very good interpersonal relationships with the local staff.

Medical Director Shimelis Solomon at the hospital told Xinhua that two batches of Chinese medical teams have served here since the hospital commenced services one and a half years ago.

Solomon said with the support of the Chinese government, Ethiopian health professionals have been receiving training in different areas, including hospital management, in China.

“Many of our hospital staff had the chance to get training in China since the hospital opened,” he said, adding that China has been supporting the hospital since its opening by providing medical supplies and equipment and even facilitating the hospital’s expansion.

Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital CEO Alemayehu Negash said that the Chinese medical teams serving in the hospital have been getting along with the local staff.

Apart from their medical services to Ethiopians in the hospital, members of the Chinese medical teams also participated in different activities including mass cleaning programs, sports, and tree planting projects, Negash added.

Source: Xinhua