Chinese company approaches Ethiopian market with latest technology

Hisense is a multinational electronics manufacturer based in China. It is a state-owned enterprise with publicly traded subsidiaries.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  June 3 (Xinhua) — A Chinese electronics manufacturer, namely Hisense, is promoting latest technology in Ethiopian market.

Hisense has supplied modern electronics products of high technology to local customers in the country.

While covering the 3rd National Information Communication Technology (ICT) Exhibition at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center on Thursday, Xinhua has learnt that local customers are highly attracted with the products displayed by Hisense.

A number of local and foreign companies have exhibited their products in the exhibition co-organized by the Ethiopian ICT Development Agency and the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation.

The Chinese telecommunication company, ZTE, is also participating in the exhibition.

Dong Xiaojie, Sales Manager in Africa’s Sales Department with Hisense, said the company has developed good business channels to get its products to win markets.

Dong said the ICT exhibition here is a good opportunity to introduce Chinese high quality products to Ethiopian customers.

“This year we have found a right partner in Ethiopia that is Glorious, which has trust that we have many years experience in this industry. We have developed business channels and that is why we have chosen them; and we can see now that our products are sold very well in those channels,” said the sales manager.

He said the local partners have shown great interest in Hisense products, especially the 3D (three dimensions) films.

According to him, Hisense is doing the business confidently as they are receiving good feedbacks from the customers and the local people like the quality products by Hisense.

“This is the first time Hisense entered Ethiopian market and we have been receiving encouraging feedbacks from the market even the local people. The local customers also love Hisense technology and the quality so that we are more confident to do this kind of job in the market,” he added.

Selam Geremew, an Ethiopian, told Xinhua that she loves very much the technology supplied to Ethiopian market.

Selam said the technology by Hisense is very new to Ethiopians.

“I am very happy to see these technologies in our country. From this I can see the level of technology especially the 3D technology by Hisense which is a very recent phenomena here in Ethiopia. It is our first time to have 3D films in our country,” she said.

“From this exhibition, we can learn where the technology is now; and I am very, very happy to see this, especial these Hisense products,” she added.

Nesri A. Ibrahih is a product manager with Glorious and has been dealing with Sony almost for 10 years now here in Ethiopia.

Xinhua approached him while he was working with Hisense products at the exhibition.

Nesri said “The technology has now moved to China and we are now with Hisense brand.”

“We have been dealing with Sony almost for 10 years now. The technology has now moved to China and we have the chance to meet Hisense Brand which is well known in China and all over the country. For that reason we plan to introduce Hisense Brand to Ethiopian market,” said he.

He said the feedback from the market is very promising.

“We have tested them in the market and we have had very good feedback and hopefully we will do good business with Hisense because the technology is recent and of high quality,” he added.