Author Mammo Wudneh passed away

Mammo Wudneh
Mammo Wudneh
Mammo Wudneh
Mammo Wudneh

Prolific ethiopian writer,author, translator and public speaker Mammo Wudneh has passed away at the age of 81.

He was being treated for heart related illness in various hospitals in Addis Ababa.

With 52 books published under his name, he set the record for the most published writer in the country.

Leon Uris’ classic Exodus is among the most popular translations of Mammo Wudneh. Second World War, 90 minutes at Entebbe,Field Marshall Montgomery,KGB,Gilen yekefle zemenu selay, yehulet alem selay,yekairo joro tebi, ekubtegnochu,edertegnochu,the historical novel Alula Aba Nega and Yohannes IV are among his works.

He has worked as a journalist. He was editor of the police force newspaper Policena Ermejaw. He has also been invited in many countries to speak on Ethiopian affaires.

Mammo was born in the northern Ethiopian province of Wollo in what is known as Wag Hemra Zone. He was orphaned at an earlier age as his parents died during the Italian occupation of 1935. In the early 70s he was head of press department in Eritrea when it was still a province in Ethiopia.

The self educated scholar has also served as chairman of Ethiopian Writers Association.

He is survived by four boys and two daughters and several grandchildren from his wife of 50 years.
His life and works have been subject of many graduation thesis papers in ethiopian higher learning institutions.