Addis Ababa to Construct 35,000 Condominiums

July 7, 2012

The city administration of Addis Ababa has finalized preparations to construct 35,000 condominium houses in the next financial year said the Construction and Housing Development Bureau of the administration.
The houses will be constructed at the Yeka Abido, Arab and Kilinto sites all reserved for the construction of condominium housing said Getachew Hailemariam, Head of the Bureau. 70% of the houses are designated for low income households he noted.
The administration expects to build more than 170,000 condominiums in the coming three years he added.
The buildings are intended to be cost effective and in line with master plan established for the city explained Getachew. More than 340 local contractors are expected to take part in the construction activities.
It is to be remembered that the city is set to transfer 20,000 condominium houses to beneficiaries in the next two months announced a statement.
The construction of some of the condominium buildings is fully complete while others are still under construction according to the statement released by the Construction and Housing Development Bureau of the City.
The buildings are located at various sites around the city including the Jemo II and III sites and Lideta.
The housing program is designed to address a range of problems, as well as addressing the need for housing within the city, including curbing unemployment through creating jobs in the construction sector, increasing the number of micro enterprises engaged in meeting the needs of enhanced construction and rehabilitating slum areas of the city through the redevelopment program it was learned.
Source: Walta Info