Abay vs Vegas

Abay vs Vegas
Abay vs Vegas

Abay vs Vegas

Little Ethiopia, the community located along the stretch of Fairfax Avenue in the Carthay district, is buzzing with news about the release of the country’s hit No. 1 film, “Abay vs. Vegas,” making its way to Los Angeles.

Written, produced and directed by Theodros Teshome,  “Abay vs. Vegas” is set to open on April 2, 3 and 9, 2011 at the Regent Showcase Theatre, located at 614 N. La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles. “Abay vs. Vegas” (120 minutes/Amharic with English subtitles) is a romantic comedy, showcasing some of Ethiopia’s fresh talent, including accomplished actor Solomon Bogale, rising star Blen Mamo and Teshome, who appears as an actor in the film. According to Teshome, the highly-publicized Amharic film,  Abay vs Vegas, is the most expensive independent film made in east Africa with the revolutionary RED ONE™ camera technology.

“Abay vs. Vegas” tells the story of a love triangle … of sorts: Salsawi (Teshome) lives in America, and wants to marry before he turns 40. He meets Mena (Mamo) — a girl living in Bahir Dar city in Northern Ethiopia — who wants to live in America, and willing to marry anyone who’ll take her there. Mena’s arranged marriage will allow her to get the best medical treatment for her brother who is going blind. For Mena, her dreams are within reach. But things get a little complicated when she falls in love with Nigus (Bogale), a farmer from the area of the Blue Nile Waterfall. Will Mena choose the love of her life and stay in Ethiopia or marry Salsawi and move to the United States and help her brother receive the best medical care? “Abay vs Vegas will captivate your attention with suspicion, and thrill your heart as Mena struggles to make the choice of a lifetime,” said Teshome.

According to the director, scenes for “Abay vs. Vegas” were shot on location in Las Vegas and Ethiopia. Ultimately, Teshome spent $550,000 to get “Abay vs. Vegas” to the big screen. In December 2010, it was released in 18 theatres across Ethiopia, and has been sitting at the top of the box office ever since. Because of its popularity, it was selected as the Best Romantic Film of the Year for a special Valentine’s Day award. “Abay vs. Vegas” was chosen as an official selection in the 2011 Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Abay vs Vegas showcases the beautiful landscapes of Ethiopia

“As a filmmaker, you want to tell stories that are impactful and meaningful to audiences near and far,” said Teshome. “And with the latest technology at our fingertips, I wanted to be a pioneer in Ethiopian filmmaking, and capture visually, stunning pictures that will leave an impression on the audiences.” He added, “Abay vs Vegas certainly showcases the beautiful landscapes of Ethiopia and the wonderful culture that our country has to offer to the rest of the world.”

Teshome is the founder of Teddy Studios and Sebastopol Cinemas, the biggest film production and distribution companies in Ethiopia. Teshome’s other film credits include “ Fikir Siferd,” “Kezkaza Wolafen” and “Key Sitet (Red Mistake).”


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Abay vs Vegas is Teddy  Teshome’s latest film.